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You will be paid 1 USD per banner. I will ask for 8 banners per week at first, then increase to 8 banners per day if the quality is good.

== Job Responsibilities ==

Your job will be to create advertising banners for us. You will recieve an email from me, and it will include several headlines, and several Call To Actions. (A call to action is a request to the user to take an action, for example, "click here" "install now" "sign up now"). You may also recieve requests on the content of the images in the ads. Once you recieve the email I expect you to return a set of 8 banners back within 48 hours that include these headlines, banners and images. The quicker you deliver the banners the better.

These are the guidelines of the banners:
* You must make 8 banners in .gif, .jpg, or .png formats
* 4 or more of them must be animated .gifs.
* Animated gifs cannot loop more than 3 times
* They must all be exactly 320 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.
* Headlines on the banner must be legible.
* They all must include a call to action on a button or a URL looking font & color.
* They must all look as different as possible.
* They do not have to look "professional", quick and ugly is often better.
* They should be designed to catch the eye.
* You can break all these rules, and have complete creative flexibility on 2 of the 8 banners.

If you accept I have example banners to help guide you.

I will place you on a 45 day trial period and if you deliver high quality banners quickly then I will seek to work with you permanently.

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