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I need an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of 40 to 50 sources (preferable academic peer-reviewed) related to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Each source MUST BE written and commented in English and meet APA guidelines. Each comment must have at least 200 words and contain citations as per APA. Sources should be not more than three years old and must be traceable based on their ISBN. The minimum 200-word comment for each source must be original content and free of plagiarism.

See the examples below to have an idea of some annotated bibliography (no necessarily formatted as APA due to copy and paste). These are just samples and ideas; ultimately, the annotated bibliography must fully comply with APA. More detailed samples may be provided to selected candidates. To consider your quote, please send a couple of ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY for any topic. To win this project your quote should be between USD $80 to USD $150 and accept Paypal upon delivery. I will select one or two candidates based on their profiles and reputations. 


Aslanian, C. B. (2001). Adult students today. New York, NY: The College Board.

This is an exceptional resource for statistics about adult learners and their motivation for returning to school. The author presents a study spanning 20 years that illustrates extensive demographics, including average age, income, travel distance, cost, ethnicity, gender, religion, and field of study.


Brookfield, S. (n.d.). Adult learning: An overview. Retrieved from (web removed to comply with TF privacy policy)

This is an excellent and thorough article covering four major research areas: self- directed learning, critical reflection, experiential learning, and learning to learn. The author refutes current definitions of adult learning and motivation and proposes instead that culture, ethnicity, and personality have greater significance than are espoused in the current myths that describe adult learners. This article is interesting to consider in that it diametrically opposes the existing and widely accepted views on the subject.


Donaldson, J. F., Graham, S.W., Martindill, W., & Bradley, S. (2000, Spring). Adult undergraduate students: How do they define their experiences and their success? Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 48(2) 2-11. Retrieved from (web removed to comply with TF privacy policy)

The small study confirms current thinking that adults return to school for primarily external reasons, e.g., a major life event or career advancement. The research further illustrates that actual success in learning comes from an internal locus of control that includes life experience, maturity, motivation, and self-monitoring. 


Marienau, C. (1999, Spring). Self-assessment at work: Outcome of adult learners’ reflections on practice. American Association for Adult & Continuing Education, 49(3), 135. Retrieved from (web removed to comply with TF privacy policy)

As a qualitative study of adults in graduate programs, the study reviews adults’ use of self-assessment and experiential learning from the perspectives of performance at work and personal development. This article is enlightening in that it explores the benefits to the adult learner of self-assessment and introspection. The concept of purposefulness and the need for the adult learner to connect learning with concrete experience are discussed.


Merriam, S. B., & Caffarella, R. S. (2001). Adult learning theories, principles and applications. San Francisco, CA: Wiley & Sons.

This is a textbook used for the training of instructors of adult students. Several excellent and pertinent chapters are devoted to the self-determination of the adult student and the need for programs to be designed that allow adults to use their problem-solving skills.


Moore, B. L. (1999). Adult student learners. Penn State Pulse Website. Retrieved from (web removed to comply with TF privacy policy)

This website contained a survey of adult learners’ perceptions of their education experience at Penn State. The study contained a large survey sample and generally confirmed the findings of other studies at major universities. The important information gleaned is that the emphasis on adult learner programs at historically traditional universities is a much higher priority due to the increasing population of adult students.

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